I love our modern-day technology. Information is readily available. People stay connected almost effortlessly. But I was struck today by a comment made in a NYTimes article about discipline and parenting:

…busy parents juggling work and family demands often are distracted by cellphones, e-mail and other media.

‘We have these new forms of technology which urge us to be working all the time,’ Dr. Barkin said. ‘We are a distracted society. It’s harder to turn off the media and turn on that personal engagement.’

Guilty as charged! I admit I have been caught up in those distractions. In all my efforts to stay on top of what’s cookin’ with my friends and family, or even to be educated about the events of the world, I seem to have been overlooking the need to live in my present moment… with Renny. I don’t ignore him, exactly. But I haven’t been setting aside enough time for us to play, to goof around, to forget my “To Do” list. Between church responsibilities, various errands, and household tasks galore, he hardly ever gets moments of my undivided attention. He often shares me with Facebook, The Joy of Cooking, and Mr. Clean. This multi-tasking is getting me nowhere. I want to spend more time at his eye level, getting down on the ground to really drive that Lego dump truck, answering more than just “uh huh” to his clever comments.

So, today I changed my routine. I let the dishes sit until the end of the day. I didn’t check my email until well past 9PM. It felt good. Here’s to playing rocket ships in space and “cooking” a dinner of play-dough spaghetti fit for a stuffed elephant!

Playing "The Game of Life"
Playing LIFE

2 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. I love this picture of you two! And thanks for the reminder… I’m gonna try that tomorrow- no email check til after all the kids are in bed!

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