I Heart Gotham City

Well, the city behind the Hollywood version, that is. Colin and I finally got to see “Dark Knight” this week. Three months later, yes, but at least we still caught it in the theater! Thanks Mom and Dad for making it possible!

As our Windy City friends know, all of the outdoor city scenes were filmed in Chicago. The grand vistas of Gotham’s downtown: Chicago’s amazing architecture. The multi-leveled streets and tunnels: S. Columbus and W. Wacker Drives. Batman speeding through a glass-walled shopping area on his motorcycle: the underground walkway system that’s part of Metra’s Randolph Street station. Some of the final scenes take place pretty close to the movie theater where we would have seen this if we still lived there.

We enjoyed the movie for the story, of course. But the real thrill came from seeing parts of a city where we spent three wonderful years of our life. A city that we absolutely love. A city we still think of as home.

I’m so glad we finally got to see this amazing movie. But it’s made me miss Chicago and our friends there a little bit more.

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