We let Warren have one souvenir from our trip to Disneyland. Of all the things he could have chosen, he insisted on a Chevron toy collectible car. You know, like the kind you can get at a Chevron gas station. Any Chevron gas station. He saw it as we came out of the Autopia ride for the umpteenth time and no other amazing Disney-themed toy was gonna change his mind. That was the winner.

Since it’s a collectible, it came with a booklet describing the newly purchased car, and with an even larger booklet listing all of the additional cars and paraphernalia one could possibly buy.

After looking the booklets over for awhile, he decided he wanted to get a car T-shirt. Colin explained that you can’t just go out and buy everything you want. You have to do things to earn them, like doing chores.

Yes, chores he knows. We have a chore chart system set up for him, complete with a reward of his (limited) choice at the end. You could see the light switch on:

“Dad, what if I washed the dishes? Then I could get this car T-shirt.”

“Dad, maybe I could sweep the floor and get all the cars!”

“What if I set the table? Go to the grocery store?”

A brilliant plan. Who knew he excelled in the art of negotiation?

One thought on “Negotiations”

  1. Hey, they gotta learn the value of work sometime! Start ’em early and juice it for all you can… because before too long they’ll be saying, “I didn’t really want that anyway.” And there goes your power of bribery- most of the time anyway.

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