The Gift of Prophecy?

September 1, 2008 – Today Warren stated, “I’m going to go on my mission to Cuba.” This “revelation” came after Colin pointed to the Dominican Republic (where he served his mission for our church) on Renny’s little pirate map of the Caribbean that used to be attached to a mini treasure chest– a fun little parting gift from his friend’s birthday party.

A couple of weeks ago he also stated–completely out of the blue– that he’s going to live in Canada.

It seems he has an affinity for “C” locations…

One thought on “The Gift of Prophecy?”

  1. Jared told us a prophecy at 3 years old, “that BYU Cougar Stadium was HIS and that he would play there”. We thought it would be football as he loved watching it on TV. No, it was trumpet in the Cougar Marching Band!

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