At The Dinner Table


We have always tried to make eating together a fun time. Laughing, recounting the day, and asking profound questions (“Does poop turn into mud, Dad?”) are important parts of our dinnertime conversation.

At some point Warren started a game called “COW or BULL?” in which he asks us to choose between the two and then he tells us what the answer is. All very random, of course. Other hard-hitting questions include “MONKEY or OWL?” and “RUNNING SHOE or SOCK?”

Tonight was an extra special treat: Family Poetry. Out of nowhere Warren asked, “Dad, say a poem out loud.”

Colin didn’t skip a beat but quickly recited, “The Sitter,” by Shel Silverstein. Then, of course, it was my turn to which I offered up, “Crowded Tub,” another of Mr. Silverstein’s finest.

This was only the beginning. We went through some limericks, nursery rhymes, and a couple of songs before he hit us with the hard stuff.

“Dad, say a poem about lemonade driving a car!”


Not only were we to make up our own verses, but he was giving us random subject matter! This is harder than it sounds, friends. But Colin delivered beautifully:


I saw a car driving with no one in it,
The car was driving above the limit.
I called the police to make a raid.
Inside, all I saw was a glass of lemonade!

In the spirit of Halloween, and while looking at the decals stuck to our sliding glass door, he then asked me to do one on Frankenstein:


Frankenstein, Frankenstein
You are not scary
Frankenstein, Frankenstein
But you are hairy
Frankenstein, Frankenstein
With bolts in your neck
Frankenstein, Frankenstein,
What the heck??!!

And inspired by the Heinz ketchup bottle, Colin created a (sort of) haiku:


Heinz ketchup
in a bottle
red and gloppy

What a fun meal. I hope these traditions never fade.

7 thoughts on “At The Dinner Table”

  1. That is awesome. Warren sounds like he is even more wacky and creative than you two! Wish I could pull a poem out of the air like that! You are indeed inspiring. Our dinners mostly consist of, “Nina, eat your food!” and “Maya, no feet on the table!!”

  2. Love the games! Isn’t it amazing what you find yourself talking about with your child. Or excited to see poop in a toilet. Or discussing potty training with your bishop and his wife (though I think it made Bishop a little uncomfortable!) Very cute

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