Wooden Guy


Last week, Renny and I were playing at a park (locals call it the “No Name Park”) that has big play structures of various shapes and sizes. Underneath the equipment is rubber padding, but surrounding the playground is a ton of random pieces of bark. Why it’s there anyone can guess… it doesn’t seem to add anything to the look. However, Warren somehow saw the beauty in the potential.

“Mama, I want to make a wooden guy,” he said as he handed me the largest piece of bark.

“OK, what else are you gonna use?”

He’d already thought that through and placed in my hand what was to become two eyes, the nose, and a mouth.

“Here’s his guitar.” A stick, this time, with a smaller piece of bark to be attached.

Lastly, there was a tiny twig which would clearly become the other leg. A peg leg, perhaps?

Later that day we assembled the pieces with wood glue. He was extremely proud of himself. So was I! This was his first self-initiated art project. All his own inspiration and own ideas. All I did was make sure the glue didn’t get glumpy. I love creativity in action!


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