Avila Valley Barn


For the last three years, we’ve gone out to Avila Valley Barn to pick our pumpkins. Sure, there are closer farms (one just down the street from Colin’s office, in fact) but we really like the feel of this one. And the fudge! I can’t leave without buying some of their velvety pumpkin fudge. Talk about a good tradition!

There are artisan crafts and goodies galore. Many, many, goodies and tasties made from the pumpkins, apples, and berries grown on the farm. The samples are endless. We always get the fresh apple juice and roasted corn on the cob.

Too many fun items you “need” to spend your money on.

We walked out to the pumpkin patch and found one of only a handful of pumpkins that weren’t rotten. Guess we waited too long… pumpkin season is over. But at least we got to pick some good apples while we were out there.

You can’t really tell here, but we’re sitting on the tractor trailer headed back to the barn. A good old fashioned hayride! This was definitely one of Renny’s favorite parts.

That and the hay maze and endless hay stacks to jump in. Normally we run through it multiple times, but I was already recovering from a bad cold and when the dust from those haystacks kicked up, YOWSA! You couldn’t get me out of there fast enough! But Warren really does love to run it. Especially when he bolts ahead and tries to get us to catch him. Here, we jump off what remains of the kiddie hay stacks:

We really had a fantastic day.

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