The Buzz Effect

It was a hard decision, but we knew it was time to cut Renny’s hair. It was getting in his eyes so much that he started tossing his head to the side to remove the floppy strands. Of course, he is cute no matter what but we really like his long surfer locks.

It’s been awhile since he’s had it short. I’d forgotten how much I liked that, too. So, without further ado, here is Warren’s new look:


9 thoughts on “The Buzz Effect”

  1. Love the haircut. It does make them look so much older, however. And sometimes I miss the cute baby haircuts. Great costumes. Y’all have always been so creative!

  2. It is cute! We cut Jake’s last month too and it was hard! I love the surfer look on little boys too. But when he started getting out Haley’s headbands to wear I knew we had to do something! 🙂 Warren’s such a cutie!

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