Mission Impossible

“Warren, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to get ready for bed before the bad guys find out what you’re doing!”


This is how Colin got Warren to become excited about bedtime tonight. They were literally running around the house cleaning up toys, throwing on pajamas, and brushing his teeth. I think there was even some rolling on the floor and ducking behind doorways.

Who knew you could take a typically feet-dragging routine and turn it into an high stakes adventure by mere suggestion?

Dum, dum, da da, dum, dum, dum, da-da da, da-da da, da dum…

–October 27, 2008

4 thoughts on “Mission Impossible”

  1. How fun! I can picture them in action. I bet it was fun to watch. At our house we have a bedtime train that the kids get on and we ride around the house and up the stairs to their bed.

  2. way to go for creative parenting. I used to do the “jammie pokey” to get Marin into her pajamas when she was about 2. Like the hokey pokey only getting into her pjs!

  3. Oh man. I think this is a Dad’s business. I don’t have the creativity for this, although I wish I did. Ryan regularly turns running errands with the kids and other mundane things into “operations”. The latest one was called, “Operation Spiderman.” I love it. Good job, Colin!

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