Binkle the Sprinkle

As any parent of a 3-and-one-half-year-old will tell you, the make-believe world can be a vivid one. Pretend friends and imaginary creatures can pop up anywhere… in the back of the car, on the stairwell, even in the bathtub. In fact, such an imaginary buddy hitched a ride with us today on the way to my Relief Society presidency meeting.

“Mama, Binkle is gonna come with us to the church building. He’s gonna ride in the Bofa’s car next to us.”

The Bofa is, of course, one of the Dr. Seuss creatures in “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.” You know, the one that’s sitting on the sofa eating bon bons.

“Binkle, huh? Who’s that, buddy?”

“He’s a sprinkle!”

“Really? What kind of a sprinkle? Like the kind that you put on cookies?”

“No. On doughnuts!”

“I see. And what does he look like? Is he small?”

“No, he’s HUGE. And he’s blue.”

“Ahh. And you’re not going to eat him?”

“No. He’s not tasty.”

“Fair enough.”

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