Lizard’s Mouth

A family hike (well, walk actually) on Saturday took us to the top of the mountains overlooking Goleta. Lizard’s Mouth is an amazing assortment of huge boulders and caves to climb in, under, and through. A child’s dream come true! One cave, that looks like the open mouth of a lizard (hence the name), requires repelling gear to access. We look forward to tackling that adventure, at some point. This time around, we just enjoyed climbing atop the earth’s natural jungle gym.

This is pretty much the starting location of the Goleta “Gap Fire” which burned through much of July 2008. The top and bottom right corners of the mosaic above show some of the damage done. Trees burnt but still surviving! Really, it’s quite amazing how well the foliage seems to be recovering, overall.

We had a fantastic time!

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