The Wise Men, et. al

Somehow I’ve convinced myself that I can create a small Nativity set using sculpey. Um, I realize I may be pushing it here, but I know that great things can be done! That is truly my brother- and sister-in-law’s area of expertise. They once made us an entire chess set out of the stuff. Genius!

If this project turns out half-way decent I’ll be sure to post pictures.

We picked up Colin from work today so that we could go for a walk around the lake. We started recapping our days, which included my trip to Michaels (I need to stay out of that store!), and I mentioned to Colin my Nativity idea. I told him that I was going for simplicity and was hoping for, at best, a Mary, a Joseph, and a baby Jesus. Maybe, if I was feeling bold, a little lamb, too. Warren must have felt that more was needed because from the back seat we heard:

“And there should be some sheep, and some cows, a dog, and the wise men and the foolish man.”

Seems the Three Kings also traveled with this wise man.

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