Where Blessings Come From

We have the same bedtime routine every night: family prayer, scripture, short book, song, and then we kneel down with Warren as he says his own prayer. We’ve helped him over time to learn to say it on his own. One night he decided that he wanted to pray silently. He would just tell us when he was done.

It worked fine for a few nights. Then we realized that his prayer was becoming shorter and shorter. Tonight’s prayer lasted about 2 seconds.

We decided to remind him why it is that we pray. Colin started by explaining that we should take the time to express our gratitude for the blessings we’re given:

“Warren, we need to thank Heavenly Father for everything we are blessed with.”

“Heavenly Father doesn’t give everything.”

Hmmm… maybe we’d failed in conveying our understanding of the source of our blessings.

“Where do you think all of our stuff comes from?”

“From the store.”

“And how does it get to the store?”

“From the delivery truck.”

“And how does it get in the truck?”

“From the conveyor belt.” You could see the pride in his eyes over that bit of logic.

“And how does it get on the conveyor belt?”

“From the workers.”

“And how does it get to the workers?”

“From another conveyor belt.”

“And how does it get on the other conveyor belt?”

“From the store.”

Colin realized that the conversation was going in circles. He tried another approach, one that may have worked better in the first place. (He admits his initial attempt wasn’t one of his most clever moments.)

“How do we buy the stuff from the store?”

“With money.”

“Where do we get the money?”

“From the bank.”

“How does our money get in the bank?”


Then I said, “Dad has to go to work to get money,” to which Colin added, “And Heavenly Father blessed me to get the job I have now. He helps us to have everything we need.” I guess we’d never linked those ideas for him before.

Truly, God is the source by which all good things come to us. Maybe Renny will begin to understand that now.

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  1. Renny is pretty smart to realize how things work. I had the same experience teaching Allen about being thankful for our blessings at Thanksgiving. It’s a hard concept for a three-year old.

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