Shoe Frustration

Renny got some new shoes on Friday. They are really cute, but they’re laced. Previous pairs have been velcro so that he can put them on and take them off by himself.

Not the case with these.

This morning, after coming home from running errands, I asked him to sit down on the floor to take them off. It was instant frustration. He started crying, “I can’t do it!” without ever trying. I tried to calmly point out the way we taught him to do it for himself, but he would have none of it. He wanted me to do the whole business for him. There was a solid 5 minutes of this before he finally settled down. Eventually, he did it (almost) by himself.

Later I told him that I was proud of him for calming down and just doing it, even if he didn’t want to. I said, “Maybe next time you can take off your shoes without crying at all.”

He thought for a minute and said, “What if I just whine?”

2 thoughts on “Shoe Frustration”

  1. He is quite the comedian, isn’t he? Kids say the darndest things!! So wish we were closer so we could hear some of those “Warrenisms” in person!!

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