O Christmas Tree


For the last few years we’ve been able to get an actual, real, live (well, cut anyway) Christmas tree. Prior to that we were always traveling to Seattle or L.A. and had to settle for a tiny, fake one from my college days because it wouldn’t have been worth it to spend the dough on a real one.

We go around the time of Colin’s mom’s birthday– usually on the closest Monday night, which makes for a perfect FHE activity– because it conveniently falls in the middle of the month. So, last Monday we trekked over to Home Depot (not very personal, I know) and picked out a pretty one. Poor Colin was just starting out on his journey of illness, but graciously came with us to make sure it was tied to the top of the car properly, lest we take out some unsuspecting driver. Alas, my knot skills are not.

I love decorating the tree. I just don’t love stringing the lights. But, again, wonderful Colin planned out an approach that systematically displayed the most amount of bulbs for the effort. The result: a well-lit, beautifully ornamented tree.

Just for fun today, I asked Warren what his favorite ornaments were. He launched into a grand interview that I tried to capture on video. It never transfers once the “film starts rolling,” of course. Then, he decided it would be funny to interview me! So, we present “Portrait of a Tree: A Christmas Interview” for your viewing pleasure:

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