Hello, Primary!

After last Sunday’s post about Warren’s final Nursery day, I thought I would report that his first official day in Primary was a success. He loved it!

He said goodbye to the Nursery toys on our way into church and I think that was all he needed to move on. As we left the chapel after Sacrament Meeting, he walked straight into the Primary room without so much as a look back. Colin and I couldn’t help but peek in on him from the hallway, just to see how he was doing. Yes, he was a little wiggly, but was fully engrossed in the activities.

At the end, he ran up to Colin and me, holding a paper doll bearing the words, “I am a child of God,” in one hand and, in the other, a copy of all the songs the kids will be singing this year for the annual Primary Program performed in Sacrament Meeting. He proudly declared, “This is the hottest cd in town!” No doubt some enthusiastic leader introduced that phraseology.

The Primary teachers and leaders we have in our ward are wonderful. I’m grateful for the good people, in Primary AND Nursery, who care for our little Warren.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Primary!”

  1. I love that all the wards around the ward were doing the same thing this week The plan of happiness and I am a child of God (for the sunbeams). We subbed for the sunbeam teachers in our ward and it was definitely an interesting experience. I wish it was our real calling, because they are so fun and sweet!

  2. Yay, Warren!

    You would be soooo proud of how well he sings in Primary! It is pretty evident that he is around a lot of singing at home.

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