The Reverence Child

At the beginning of every Sacrament Meeting, our ward has 1 or 2 children from the Primary (chosen the week before) stand in front of the congregation to set the example of reverence. Arms folded, no talking, minimal movement. I never really thought that Renny paid any attention to the kids up there. Most adults don’t even seem to notice! In fact, our bishop just made some remarks about increasing the level of reverence in our most sacred Sabbath Day meeting.

Since Colin and I drag Warren to choir practice every week, we were in the chapel for a good 35 minutes before Sacrament Meeting started. I guess that got Renny thinking.

“Dad, can I be the reverence child today?”

Whoa! Volunteering?? Most kids have to be coerced into standing in front of everyone like that!

“Um, sure. Why don’t you ask [bishopric member who was conducting the meeting] if it’d be alright.”

I walked over with Ren and stood by him as he asked to be the reverence child. It was a “go.”

He proudly stood at the front, on the stand, and folded his arms the whole time– save when he stopped to wave at a few people, or when he ran over to the other side of the podium when the “real” reverence children invaded his turf by trying to stand next to him.

But I think he did a great job! I loved seeing his sweet face and funny winks at us from the front. He’s getting so big.

3 thoughts on “The Reverence Child”

  1. Isn’t it funny seeing them all “grown up”? I was having such a ball this Sunday watching my kids in primary that they starting singing without me (I’m supposed to play the piano).

  2. My particular favorite was when he got really excited and called out to Taylor, waving. Everyone around us smiled. Made our Sunday. 🙂

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