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The assignments for opening prayer, scripture reading, and talk in Primary are given the week before by “mail” received during the meeting. They actually have a cute mailbox that contains a “letter” assigning these tasks to different kids each week. Their initials are called out and the kids have to guess who the lucky recipients are. It’s all very exciting, mostly for the little ones who are hoping against hope to get some mail of their very own.

Renny was chosen to give the opening prayer this Sunday. They asked us before hand if we thought he’d do it. We weren’t sure! Standing up in front of all of the kids and teachers to open up the meeting with prayer? It would be interesting to see.

Of course, he was thrilled to get his mail. He proudly taped it to his bedroom door when we got home, as if it were a great piece of artwork, and we talked about his upcoming duty all week. Sunday morning we asked him if he was ready to pray at the podium in front of everyone. Not only was he ready, he said, but he’d already been thinking about what he was going to pray about. He said he didn’t need any help from us. Surprising. Colin and I would stand watching from the back, then.

As Primary started and the kids were settling in by singing some fun songs, he repeatedly told people that he was giving the prayer. Well, at least he was ready! What would he do when the time finally came??

He ran right up as soon as the Primary president said, “Warren will be saying…” and dove right in. He faltered for a second and his dear Primary President prompted the rest of his words. He did manage to ask that the people affected by the flooding in Washington be blessed, though I’m sure no one quite understood his cute, little whispered words. But at least he knows Heavenly Father understood.

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  1. OK, that is the cutest thing ever. I always think of Bailey when I hear stories of Warren… they’re birth buddies and it amazes me of how many of Warren’s stories sound verrrry similar to some over here. 😉

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