The Grand Prize


Apparently, at our trip to the Candy Cane Train in December, I filled out a raffle ticket to win a gigantic stuffed bear. I remember filling out a form, but I clearly didn’t pay attention to what the grand prize would be!

However, I wasn’t exactly first choice. The kind, older lady that works there at the railroad museum told me how she’d picked another family (who lives in Northern CA) and gave them a deadline to call her back and claim the prize. She seemed surprised they never returned her call.

This humongous teddy brings my life winnings to a grand total of 2 items: this and a DVD player. Both were completely unexpected. One was slightly more useful.

But Renny sure is happy!

5 thoughts on “The Grand Prize”

  1. I didn’t fill out a form that day! I’m regretting it now (hmmmm…Looking at the size of that thing, maybe not so much! =)

    But, yay for the DVD player! Congratulations!

  2. Score! It’s nice to win a prize, a BIG one too. That is a really big bear!

    I’m glad you had fun at the beach on MLK day. I forget when it’s winter that people in CA are still enjoying warm days.

  3. How funny, that is a big bear! Someone gave Jake an enormous stuffed tiger once (when he was about one year old), and it sat in our basement all winter. I sold it at our next garage sale! I hope Warren gets more use out of his bear. 🙂

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