Sister Juile Beck

The Relief Society General President, Julie Beck, came to our Stake Center to speak to 4 different Stakes in our area. What an amazing woman she is! I left there feeling inspired to be a better mom, a better servant of the Lord, and a better person all around.

Of the many words of counsel that left an impression on me, her charge to us, as mothers, to conserve our energy and time for the afternoon made me rethink my current game plan. If we think of our “work schedule” in normal terms (day shift, swing shift, graveyard shift) then the most important shift, the time (especially as children get older) of greatest influence is in the afternoon. She said how critical it is to use those moments for teaching and nurturing, where we might otherwise be too busy or worn out to handle it. Thankfully, she acknowledged that we just can’t be “on” during all of the shifts– we need breaks! But as much as we can, go to bed earlier, manage time better, and otherwise stick to the essentials so that we can be available when our families need us the most.

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