“Ladies & Gentlemen”


Warren has taken some time easing into the world of toy naming–especially as it’s related to stuffed animals. Let’s just say he’s stuck to the basics. He’s not afraid of the obvious. Past choices have been “Puffer” for a colorful stuffed puffer fish with large lips, “Halloween Bat” for a stuffed black bat, and “Tiger” for his beloved tiger blanket.

Only lately has he started becoming more imaginative. A gigantic stuffed dog was dubbed “Sign-y” after sitting next to him during a long road trip home from Sacramento. “Ted” was the name given to the big bear won at the train museum. But I think all of his creative power must have been gearing up for this particular toy:

Pa (Colin’s dad) sent Renny this British police officer pen that he picked up on a recent trip to Wales. You can’t see it in this picture but the ballpoint rests in his “shoes” pen cap. Kind of quirky in and of itself, I think. Casually, I asked Warren, “So, what do you want his name to be?”

“Um… I think his name is ‘Ladies and Gentlemen.'”

Hmmm. Was not aware he even knew that phrase.

Perhaps he sensed that feeling of formality so often associated with our English comrades.

6 thoughts on ““Ladies & Gentlemen””

  1. A dignified name indeed! Major creativity points for Warren.

    I have to say…When my Google Reader said you had a post today entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen,” my heart literally skipped a beat…

  2. How cute! Isn’t it hilarious what they come up with; sometimes I wonder just what is going on in their little heads that I’m unaware of!

  3. I am sooooo happy for you and will pray for your family. What a blessing children are and I am happy for you.

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