The Blessing of ANGELS

We are pleased to announce that our family has grown! We welcomed a baby girl (3 months old) into our home and are currently on the track toward adoption. We will be calling her Madeline– Maddie, for short.

As the adoption has not yet been finalized, we’re still required to maintain confidentiality about many of the details. So, we will not be providing too much information over public media. That means no pictures at this time either. Rest assured, as soon as we are able we’ll plaster as many photos of her as we can on this blog!

How did this happen so fast, you may ask. As mentioned before, we have been waiting so long for Maddie to join our family. Little was happening. Last month we decided that we needed to look for other options for adoption. We realized that there were many babies in need in the foster care system here. We prayed and decided that a local foster care agency called Angels of Santa Barbara was the right fit for our family.

No sooner had we completed the initial paper work for the agency than this darling little girl entered our lives. We were asked if we would be willing to foster her with the hopes of adoption. We could hardly consider otherwise.

There are some health complications that are significant. But after sincere fasting, pondering, and prayer we knew she was one we shouldn’t pass up. In time, we’ll post more about her condition. But for now, know that the concern is overshadowed by the joy that comes with caring for this sweet spirit. She is definitely meant to be with our family. All three of us are positively in love.

2 thoughts on “The Blessing of ANGELS”

  1. My favorite thing to witness has been Warren’s pride over Maddie. He LOVES her.

    (Also, since you can’t post pictures, can I just say – She is CUUUUUUUTE!)

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