The Sleeping House

Adding Maddie to our family happened in a whirlwind. So much so that we weren’t even finished becoming licensed foster care providers. Luckily for us the State of California, with all of its bureaucracy, allowed us to be with her during the day even though she wasn’t able to be in our care at night. We’d have to wait for the fingerprinting and criminal background checks to clear before we could get the OK to officially bring her home. As you can imagine, there is no time frame for such a process. They get to it when they get to it.

But there’s a solution to every problem. ANGELS worked out an arrangement that allowed her to be with us all day long while a respite care family took her overnight. So, we’ve been able to bond with her and help her get accustomed to our family and home even though we’ve had to take her back to “the sleeping house” at night. The silver lining is we get the “day shift” and can feel more rested after a normal night’s sleep where we’d otherwise have to get up multiple times. That said, we’d rather just have her with us all the time. Every day gets harder to let her go.

Though we wouldn’t choose this situation, we are so grateful for this kind family that would help our little girl by caring for her during the most difficult “shift.”

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