My Pukey Valentine

Not quite the image cupid had in mind, I know. But two days post stomach flu does not provide ample time for getting in that romantic sorta mood, if ya know what I mean. Good thing we don’t generally make a big hoopla about the holiday anyway. Dinner consisted of Baja Fresh which I pre-ordered AND paid for on-line. Think Sandra Bullock’s “The Net” circa 1995 but without the home delivery or identity theft. I just walked in the door 15 minutes later and they handed me my food. Oh, technology! How I love to use your wonders for good, not evil. Really, it’s the simple things in life that do it for me.

Yes, dodging sickness was gift enough for me this Valentine’s Day! I still can’t believe I made it through without coming down with THE PLAGUE which we joked Maddie must be spreading. She never got it either but she wiped out all of the households who cared for her while we waited for our criminal background checks to clear. She’s one tough girl.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day. It suited us just fine.

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