What’s a Sunbeam?


Warren is a bold missionary. He has no problem whatsoever talking to people about our church. But I think that part of his frankness may actually stem from his shaky understanding that some people do not share our faith.

The following conversation with one of Colin’s co-workers is a perfect example:

Warren: I’m in Primary! (stated completely out of the blue)

Peter: Yes, you are primary. And complimentary.

(Not to be easily shaken…)

Warren: I’m a Sunbeam!

Colin: Tell him what a Sunbeam is, Warren.

(With hardly a pause he explains…)

Warren: A Sunbeam is a kid who sits in the front row.

Go forth bodly, nobly, and obviously.

3 thoughts on “What’s a Sunbeam?”

  1. I just love that little guy of yours!! I can’t wait for my guy to be friends with your guy! 😉 Hopefully, Warren will like Levi as much as likes Noggin, Ashi, and Davis!!

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