Surgery at Last!

Today it finally happened. And why not? It was St. Patrick’s Day– the luckiest day of the year!

Everything went well. Better than expected, actually. They were able to repair the problem they found during the testing here and also complete the necessary second stage of the reconstruction to correct her condition. We didn’t think her body would be ready for that during this surgery. What a miracle that we won’t have to wait until the summer after all.

Our little girl is now in the ICU recovering from a life saving operation. Literally, she could not have survived without it. We are so very, very grateful for modern medicine.

Our prayers were answered. We are beyond grateful. We were comforted through this long day and at the end, we got to see our sweet baby alive and recovering well. How truly blessed we are.

Again, thank you all for your help and support. A special thanks to Paul and Sarah for watching Renny this day so that he could play at the park and enjoy being a kid… instead of pacing the floor as we did. What wonderful friends you are! We’re so grateful to know you.

Editor’s note: We’re sorry that we can’t be more specific about her condition on this blog. We’re still required to maintain confidentiality until the adoption is finalized. If you want to know the specifics please email me.

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