By Any Other Name


At lunch today, I threw Renny for a loop when I decided to use a different name for a commonly said word.

Usually, crass as it may sound, we just refer to one’s backside as the butt. “Sit on your butt please, Ren,” is the typical request. I guess since we were out in public, I decided to tone it down a bit.

“Warren you need sit on your bum, please.”

“Mama, why did you say ‘bum’ and not ‘butt’?”

“Why not? It’s got lots of names we can use instead.”

Colin and I started rattling off some of the other favorites you might be familiar with: rump, backside, bottom, rear, heinie… all different names we have for the same thing. Warren’s eyes widened as an epiphany unfolded.

“Just like Jesus does. He has different names, too! Like Master, and Savior…”

It’s all about making connections.

3 thoughts on “By Any Other Name”

  1. Oh my goodness, I am DYING! Well, at least he is getting the concept that all things are types and shadows of Christ, right?

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