What a glorious day! Maddie is finally free of the breathing tubes and pretty much all lines they were using to monitor her little body. What a relief it is to see her finally recovering.

She still has some problems with fluid in her lungs, but that’s to be expected. What’s difficult now is seeing her withdraw from the hard drugs they’ve used to sedate her all these days. It’s not pleasant to see a 3-month-old come down from the likes of Fentanyl. Thankfully, they’ll be able to slowly wean her from everything within a few days.

There were a couple of days while we were anxiously waiting for extubation (breathing tubes out) that I felt completely worn out and more than a little discouraged. It’s draining to see your baby suffer without being able to do much at all.

But our faith did not waiver. In fact our fasting, combined with that of many of you, made all the difference. Our prayers, your prayers, your kind thoughts, all of them were heard and answered. Our Father in Heaven extended His mercy on our family–on our little Maddie– and we are now beginning to enjoy the other side of this trial.

She will still have a while before she is fully healed. But we are finally seeing the end of this very long tunnel.

Thank you, dear friends and family. Thank you a million times over for your love and constant encouragement. Colin, Warren, Maddie, and I are all blessed to have your support.

6 thoughts on “Extubation”

  1. So good to hear things are looking up. I can’t imagine having to watch your little on be that sick. Thank goodness for the extra power of the priesthood and prayer! Love you!

  2. I’m so glad to hear this good news! Your strength and faith is truly inspiring…I hope she continues to recover quickly, and we’ll be sure to include you all in our prayers.

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