Scotch Tape


Warren has become obsessed with Scotch tape. To him, it’s just another medium for creativity. At first I tried to limit his use by only allowing him so many pieces with which to play in one day. What if we ran out when I found myself needing to tape something important? You can’t just waste tape for the sake of wasting it, can you?

But I couldn’t stifle his artistic expression.

Actually, we’re thinking it’s more of an engineering mind-frame than anything else. I love this kid. You never know what common object he’s going to improve upon next.

Additional windshields for his cars, race track lines, ramps up to garages… the possibilities are endless now that we’ve given him his very own 3-pack for his birthday.

5 thoughts on “Scotch Tape”

  1. Ah, so it’s not just us! I can’t tell you how many baby dolls are laying around our apartment, completely encased in scotch tape. What a *brilliant* idea to give him some for his birthday!

  2. Here here on the engineering skills! I love it. And scotch tape is a hot item around our house, always buying more and always losing it. I keep some hidden for when I really need it.

  3. Scotch tape is a plaything that never gets old. Why just yesterday Marin made puppets with plastic forks, napkins and scotch tape! I have a friend who told me she and her siblings used to get scotch tape in their Christmas stockings!

  4. I totally think it’s a boy thing. That engineering mindset. Seriously what boys can do with legos without any direction or with shovels in the sand amazes me. It also lasts for hours fi you let it too.

  5. Hey Jeannie! Oh, I can’t wait (as I’m sure you can’t wait to post them) to see pictures of this all-star little champ.
    I used the Avent bottle sterilizer (but I also used the Avent bottles- I don’t know how well it would work with others) and it’s the best thing in the world. rinse bottles in soapy water, then 2 minutes in the microwave and you have sterile bottles. Especially with all the bottles we were going through, it is honestly the most recommended child-related thing I’ve ever owned. Best of luck!!!

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