Backpack Attack!


“Just like Jolie!”

That’s the first thing that came to his mind when he put it on. Jolie is a good friend of Ren’s. A preschool chum and a girl with discriminating taste. Ever since he first saw Jolie sporting her backpack to preschool he’s longed for one of his very own.

His wish was finally granted.

For his birthday, Kelley and Ben got him a hummingbird feeder and a couple of extra fun items. The backpack was the wrapping for the feeder while packed in her suitcase. A mere afterthought. To him, it was the defining gift.

It goes almost everywhere with him now. What, you may ask, is inside? Tiger blanket, Dumbo (née Horton), a couple of cars, and some dollar bills he scored as birthday cash.

Thanks, Kelley and Ben! He’ll love wearing it to preschool!

(The bird feeder will regain it’s proper attraction once we get home.)

2 thoughts on “Backpack Attack!”

  1. I love that third picture! Those jeans are so stylish. He looks like the kid of a celebrity in a gossip magazine. Cute.

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