6 West Withdrawals

We’re back on the floor where we started this adventure as Maddie continues recovering from surgery. It’s funny to be here again– our home away from home, it seems. We’ve come full circle, even back in the same room! The nurses said they missed us and are glad we’re back. I guess Maddie made an impression on them. She is rather cute, says a totally unbiased mama. Wink, wink.

But honestly, everyone here adores her and is happy that her surgery was a success. They’ve been so good to us and we’re thankful for their watchful care.

So far, so good on the medication weaning. She’s only had one day where they’ve had to slow down and give her body a rest. Otherwise, she’s making amazing progress. They’re talking about possibly sending us home by the end of this week. It seems almost too good to be true!

More to come…

2 thoughts on “6 West Withdrawals”

  1. We are wishing the best of luck for you guys! I bet you’d just love to get back to your own home again!

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