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On most days, I really love to cook. There’s great satisfaction in planning and preparing a tasty meal that your family enjoys. Usually, I plan out the week’s meals on Monday morning and then shop for the ingredients that day. Our little menu stays posted to the bulletin board so that we don’t have to make decisions about what to eat on any given night. Works pretty well, for the most part. But then I still have to prepare the dish that evening, even if I already know what we’re going to eat.

Some days even that seems overwhelming.

Some days, I just want to essentially eat a frozen dinner– just pop it out of the freezer, heat, and eat. Done. By the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is chop ingredients up using a lot of different tools that I’m just going to wash by hand (don’t own a dishwasher).

But I don’t want to sell my family out to additives and preservatives because I’m lazy. So, Stouffers doesn’t cut it for me, plus I imagine that would get rather pricey after awhile.

Enter “Dream Dinners,” a food preparation chain that I’ve been eyeing for some time now. They have a whole month’s worth of dinner options ready for you to prepare there at their facilities. You just toss the pre-cut ingredients in Ziploc baggies, slap a recipe label on, and freeze until you need them. Brilliant.

But I didn’t take advantage of this idea until now. Sure, we have a full kitchen here at the RMH, but do I really want to spend the 1-hour-plus it takes to prepare a meal after I’ve spent the whole day at the hospital? Clearly not. So, my sweat, practical, cost-analyzing husband suggested that I give it a try while we’re here. He didn’t have to ask me twice!

The verdict: it’s a winner. The meals were delicious, easy to cook, and provided ample leftovers for lunch the next day. It took me 1.5 hours to prepare 11 dinners (72 servings) and I didn’t clean up a lick in the process. Yes, it’s a tad pricey when you factor out time being a cost consideration. But for us in our current situation, it was a lifesaver.

[Editor’s note: That is not me demonstrating my “Dream Dinner” experience in the picture above. I kiped that photo off Google Images since I didn’t have the foresight to bring along my camera!]

5 thoughts on “Dream Dinners”

  1. I always wondered about those kinds of companies–I am so pleased it was able to be of service to you and to get the good review.

    Also I keep missing posts-my little sidebar says you have a new post and then I show up here and there are like 4! I don’t know why but it is always a fun surprise to see extra posts going on. Thanks for sharing while you are away. You are missed.

  2. It sounds wonderful! I remember one day seeing a dream dinners salmon and rice recipe thawing out on the counter at the RMH, and thinking…wow. Gourmet! I’m glad you guys found a way to eat healthy there. WE had our fair share of McDonalds….but we had to support since the RMH was amazing! 🙂

  3. Jeannie, I have been wanting to try something like this for a really long time, but I had only heard of companies like “Dream Dinners” in Utah. How exciting! It looks like the closest one to us here in SB is Ventura, but I’m thinking about doing it! Thanks for the hot tip! Miss you! So happy to hear that Maddie continues to improve!

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