Home At Last!

It is almost too good to type out: we are home! Four weeks and three days after we arrived at the hospital we were finally able to leave.

And Maddie is doing amazingly well. Really, to think about what she’s been through and where she is now, this experience has been nothing short of a miracle. Through constant prayer, fasting, and a Priesthood blessing, Maddie has recovered from an incredibly difficult surgery.

What a blessing to have had some of the top surgeons in the country handle her case. We’re so grateful to all of the nurses, practitioners, and other staff who helped Maddie to recover and Warren to cope with our time at the hospital.

We are thrilled to be all together again! How nice it will be to settle back into our regular lives once more.

I cannot say it enough: thank you to everyone who supported us while we were going through this experience. Your kindness made our burdens lighter.

It’s good to be home.

4 thoughts on “Home At Last!”

  1. Congratulations! Oh, I am so happy. You’ll probably be way busy for a while adjusting to home and to little Maddy again…but it’s the GREAT kind of busy. Hooray!!! How is Maddy’s appetite, by the way? Evan’s just now starting to pick it up some…it was an adjustment coming home for sure. Good luck! You’ll do so well.

  2. Congratulations on everything. I’m glad Maddie is doing well and you are home! I hope things continue to go well!

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