The Reading Couch

Our Ronald McDonald House apartment only had one room. This meant we had to get creative when it came time to put Warren to bed each night. He’s really great about falling asleep, but not when we’re right next to him in the other bed.

So, each night we’d finish his bedtime routine, tuck him in, and exit the apartment for a good 30 minutes, at least. Just enough time to make sure he was really out before we came in to sit at the computer or do anything else.

Luckily for us, there was a nice, little couch and ottoman in the hallway right outside our door. Colin and I took the opportunity to dive into some books. All in all, we read 5 novels each while away. I credit it to being forced from the computer every evening. That and sitting around at Maddie’s bedside. Waiting has it’s advantages.

Though I didn’t get a picture of it, I’d like to think that I’ll remember this little portion of our experience there at RMH. I loved sitting next to Colin, reading a great story and taking our minds off of the pressures of the day. We don’t do that enough at home, mostly because we’re consumed by our computers. It was nice to take a break from technology and enjoy printed works.

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  1. You are amazing–I would never have thought of that idea of letting him fall asleep like that! But it sounds peaceful and I hope you got in some good reading. You should post your list so we can get some good ideas too.

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