Easter Festivities

Once again, the RMH hooked us up with fun activities to keep us in the loop with the rest of the world. We would have missed all Easter festivities, otherwise.

Like an Easter Egg Hunt, water balloon toss, and balloon shapes (in this case, a sword and holder):


Or face painting galore:

Face paintings

We thoroughly enjoyed the good food and thoughtful planning that went into these parties.

But, of course, this holiday is not about rabbits, or eggs, or even chocolate. For us, it’s about the Atonement, death, and resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ. Through Him, the promise of life eternal is fulfilled. What a blessing to know that our imperfect bodies (especially little Maddie’s) will one day be made whole.

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  1. Love everything I’ve heard about the Ronald McDonald House. I’ll never again pass up a donation box without contributing!

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