As Sisters in Zion


Today was my first day back at church since we’ve been home. Colin stayed home with Madeline so that I could attend with Warren and Colin’s mom, Pam, who’s visiting.

So many people touched my heart today as they asked how we were doing, how Maddie was recovering, how I was faring now that we were back in the swing of things.

It really struck me today that I am among amazing women here– some that I am blessed enough to call dear friends. One presented a fun and spiritual Sharing Time on strengthening our testimonies of The Savior that Warren loved. Another taught a fantastic lesson in Relief Society on enduring persecution with faith and courage that was truly inspiring. Another made an incredibly wise comment during that lesson which was not unlike her usual comments (she’s also a great Relief Society teacher). Others hugged me and told me how they and their families had prayed for us during our time away.

And this made me realize something so wonderful: my life has been filled with the most incredible women. In the Church and out, the friends I have made along the way have inspired me and made me want to be a better person.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that people come into your life but rather are put in your path. I know that specific friends have taught me lessons that I absolutely needed to learn, that couldn’t have been learned otherwise.

How truly blessed I am to know the women that I know. Thank you, dear sisters, for being a part of my life and for the examples of kindness and friendship that you are.

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  1. Wow Jeannie! For you to be able to sift through the *chaos* that was sharing time and find something spiritual about it, is why YOU are amazing! Thank you!

    Soooo nice to have you back – I speak for everyone!!

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