Blessing in Disguise

We took Maddie to the ER at 4AM on Tuesday morning. Her temperature read 103.1 (rectal) and after a cool bath and some Tylenol with little improvement, we weren’t going to take any chances.

The only lead they had was that her 2nd set of immunizations were the afternoon before– fever can often follow. But her white blood cell count was also high so they started her on some antibiotics right away. After some initial testing they decided to admit her to our local hospital to monitor her for possible infection. We needed to stay a full 48 hours for the results of the culture they did on the blood drawn that morning, just to be sure.

I cannot believe that we are back in the hospital. It’s only been 2 weeks since we left CHLA. At least this time we are close to home and, unless something bad shows up in the blood culture, our stay will be brief. It’s looking good, so far. Her fever is gone and she is eating and sleeping well (except for last night when the little 2-year-old boy who had swallowed a coin screeched like a bobcat the whole night and not from pain), so we’re pretty optimistic.

Despite the initial fear that brought us, and the dread that accompanied our admission, I’m grateful that we came to the hospital. After spending half of her 4 month life on bed rest recovering from major surgeries, Madeline’s a little behind in motor development. Not too bad, but she’s lacking compared to the abilities of friends’ babies who are the same age. One of the doctors here noticed her delay and decided to take action. Because we came here, Maddie will now be receiving Physical Therapy treatments at our home to assist her in gaining strength. I feel that, if we didn’t have this experience, we may not have had this resource made available to us, until there was a much greater need. Catching it early on like this will make a huge difference in her development.

Again, we appreciate the abundance of support given to us. We’re so grateful that Grandma Tuki was still here yesterday to be with Renny– thank you! Sorry that you had to delay your flight, though. A big thanks to Katie, Ingrid, and Kaitlin for watching him this morning. And, lastly, thank you, Lyndsi, for taking him this afternoon. Warren never wants to leave your house!

4 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise”

  1. Jeannie I am always so inspired by your optimism. Like nobody else, you can find the blessing in any situation. I’ve learned a lot from you.

    I know the chances are slim, but if there’s any way you can slip away for a quick Pinkberry, you deserve the break more than ANYONE.

  2. Uh!! How icky to be back in the hospital! But you are right, it probably was a blessing in disguise. If it makes you feel any better… Drew turned 7 months yesterday and jut wants to lay on his back. He doesn’t roll onto his tummy (Nina had been crawling for 2 months already!) and really shows no interest in being mobile at all. All kiddos are different, especially the younger they are. Hang in there, we are all praying and thinking about you guys. Thanks for the update.

  3. Good that she has that opportunity to get help, even if you did have to take her in–and you really are amazing at finding bright spots. Hope you get some of that Pinkberry.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?! We will be praying for little Maddy. I hope its just a fluke thing and she’s back home in a snap.

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