Home Again

We are back from the hospital. All is well. Not a bad stint this time, but definitely not what I had in mind for this week’s activities.

It’s difficult realizing that the catalyst for this worrisome adventure was most likely the purposeful injection of disease (i.e. vaccinations). A good friend of mine doesn’t think that all kids should be immunized. I don’t agree, but sometimes it’s hard to cope with the side effects of this standard practice. Poor Maddie is now protected from major illnesses including Tetanus, Polio, and the Roto Virus, for which I’m very thankful. But I just wish there were a more gentle way to go about it.

One thought on “Home Again”

  1. Aw, I am glad you are finally home again…and that Maddy must be feeling better 🙂 Evan got his shots just a couple of days ago, and my Mother-in-law was sad…she was hoping we’d wait. i guess she never had her kids get immunized until they were at least 6mo. I asked the pediatrician if we should wait since Evan is so small and already behind cause of the surgery, but she strongly suggested we do it since he has hit his two month milestones anyway. The way I figure, I’d regret not doing it if they caught something terrible and i’d blame myself if the pediatrician had originally encouraged me to, and all of the controversy against doing it isn’t for sure, but it’s always hard to go through no matter what- that is for sure. (sorry for the novel)

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