Spit Is Not a Toy

Our new family motto coined by Colin. Sadly, it needs repeating several times throughout the week. Typically, Warren finds new ways to use his saliva to make bubbles, or even amplify his many sound effects. But lately, he’s gone too far.

I caught him actually spitting on the floor to use, as he put it, as “a pretend hole” he was drilling.


The toilet paper covering was his version of “cement” used to fill the hole.

Sometimes his creativity gets the best of me.

One thought on “Spit Is Not a Toy”

  1. The title alone makes me laugh!

    We are in the THICK of this ourselves. You’re the development expert – Please tell me…Is this like, some strange extension of the infant oral phase? Because I am CONSTANTLY catching Jolie spitting into her hand and spreading, exploring…Ugh. Creeps me out.

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