Madeline At 5 Months

Oh, how I wish I could post a picture of this little girl because she is so cute. I mean really cute. Not in the “I’m her mama, so I need to endorse her” kind of way, but like ├╝ber cute. The type that you could gobble up for breakfast.

Not only is she looking great but is also feeling great these days, too. Doctor’s visits are turning up with good results, overall. She’s getting out into the world again after a precautionary post-surgery quarantine. And her overall health seems to be more stable.

She is laughing and cooing and smiling up a storm. Maddie is a generally happy, sweet, little angel.

She’s settling into a nice little schedule now, too. She’s eating 120-150mL every three hours (good for such a little peanut and much better than what she was doing!), which has plumped her up to 12lbs 6oz. Naptimes are coming twice a day now and at longer chunks of time. And we couldn’t ask for a better nighttime routine: asleep by 8PMish (post to follow on the “-ish” part), up for a 10:30PM feeding plus a medication (a temporary one), then back to sleep until 7:30AM. Nice.

Little Maddie, I know I complain about the frustrating aspects of your age, but I’m glad you’re five months and going strong!

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  1. Can you send pictures in a personal email??! I would love one, if so. I am so glad she is eating so well. Wish I could say the same for Evan! Can’t wait for the day that he can eat a full bottle while awake! Eating is such an ordeal cause we have to put him to sleep first and trick him into it!

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