Jesusita Fire

Photo courtesy of Diana Haskins
Photo courtesy of D. Haskins

We are not in danger. At least, not as of this evening. But it doesn’t look like the Jesusita Fire will reach our neighborhood. Google has provided a nice little map of the evacuation area, which is about 10 miles from where we live. We are safe as long as the winds don’t turn, especially since the Gap Fire from last July burned most of the fuel on the mountain side near us.

But this fire is extremely devastating. We really feel for those whose homes are already burning.

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  1. I just read up on the news and noticed fire! Thank goodness you guys are alright for now. We’ll be praying for you guys! Oh and I loved the “My pee is not available post,” it’s freakin’ awesome. Do people even say that anymore… freakin’ awesome…

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