Refrigerator Woes

Without any warning at all, our refrigerator conked out on us. Really, one day it was working just fine, the next nothing but warm milk and wilted lettuce. It was absolutely not cold at all.

But it was Memorial Day. Who in the world would come out to fix it then? We’d have to wait 2 days before we’d have the modern convenience of refrigeration again.

What a bummer to lose perfectly good food. It pains me to waste. At least our management company is willing to reimburse our lost mayo, frozen peas, and the like. One good thing about the rental life…


What’s the worst appliance breakdown you’ve experienced?

2 thoughts on “Refrigerator Woes”

  1. Poor Katie! That one was bad. My dishwasher broke twice (I guess it’s worth the extra money to have someone fix it right) but I wash a lot of dishes by hand anyway so that wasn’t too bad. Our garage door opener stuck and I couldn’t get the car out of the garage. That really sucked. Especially when I found out later there is a little lever you can pull to disconnect the garage door from the opener and I could have left at any time…

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