The Circus

As a surprise for Memorial Day, we took the kids to the circus. It was the first time for both of them.

It took Warren most of the morning to warm up to the idea. Not because he wouldn’t enjoy it, but mostly because he has a hard time with new things. The unknown makes him a little uncomfortable. But since we’d purchased the tickets online and there was no turning back, we assured him that there would be plenty of cotton candy to take the edge off.

The circus is a different entity from when I was a kid. No lions, no monkeys, no elephants, even. Which is most likely due to animal rights activist intervention– duly justified, I agree. But still. Back in the day, it was kinda edgy. There was something wondrous about the whole thing. Now we pay top dollar for dog tricks, pony prancing, and people precariously riding on back of horses. No one seems to mind that these types of animals trudge along show after show, though I swear I caught a glimpse of “I can’t believe I’m in the @$%# circus” on the face of one Clydesdale.

Not that the circus no longer has its fair share of amazing acts. We were impressed by quite a few things: motorcycles driving in a circular cage, a man balancing on top of cylinders moving in opposing directions, and of course, the trapeze. A perennial favorite, we waited in anticipation as the ringmaster announced the impending death-defying Triple Flip Dip Willy Billy, or whatever it was called:


“He’s not very good at that,” Warren casually observed. A tough audience! Failed after two attempts, they quietly moved on to the next act.

It was a fun experience. We enjoyed the cotton candy (2 bags!) and nachos and the razzle dazzle of an age-old pastime.

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  1. Dave and I went to the circus when we were first married and they did have all the animals in it. And just in case your memories were like mine, let me tell you it was actually pretty depressing. They basically just brought each tired sad animal out and they sat there or walked slowly while people did things. We both left a little sad. Much better to go to the zoo. So be happy they weren’t there – it probably would have been worse. (PS – I can’t get the video to play?)

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