Our 6-Month-Old Maddie

Sorry but, again, no pictures. It’s just killing me!

So much has happened in the last 4 months since she entered our lives. Maddie has changed greatly, as she should. Plumper, stronger, and thriving, she’s getting to be more fun by the minute. She’s happy and full of smiles, laughing up a storm–especially at Warren. No one makes her belly-laugh like her big brother.

Lately, she’s become very attached to us. So much so that she’s already getting that stranger anxiety and doesn’t want other people holding her.

And she really loves to be held. Today I couldn’t put her down, even for a minute. It’s nice to have one kid that overtly needs her mama since the other one feigns total independence.

We love you, Maddie. Your sweet, cuddly nature brings us joy beyond measure.

4 thoughts on “Our 6-Month-Old Maddie”

  1. How I would love to see her laughing and playing with Warren. I remember I had a hard time taking my eyes off watching Warren play- he is such a cutie…and the combo of them playing togeter? I don’t know what I would do!!

  2. Hey guys, we are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. Maddie sounds like a precious girl who needs your family!

    We hear you may be coming up this way for a family renuion (Scott Cruickshank is in our ward)? If you ever have time, we would LOVE to see you!

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