I Spent the Day in a Poop-Stained Shirt

For the second week in a row, Maddie “blew out” her diaper all over her clothing and mine. Poop everywhere. How can such a little girl produce so much force to spread it so far?! Both times it happened right at the start of my Relief Society Presidency meeting. A meeting that typically lasts 1.5 hours.

Of course I had tons of wet wipes and even a change of clothing for Maddie. But did I think to bring a spare for myself? Even after the first time it happened? Of course not. So, I spent the entire meeting in my soiled shirt that I vigorously tried to scrub clean with paper towels and hand soap from the bathroom.

Here’s where the story gets sad: I could have gone home as soon as the meeting ended and changed clothing. I could have put on a clean shirt as soon as I walked in the door. I could have. Instead, I took Warren and Madeline to the park (still understandable, I suppose) and then remained in the t-shirt even after I returned home. Even until the end of the day.

Why, you ask? Because I’ve thrown in the towel, folks! I’ve realized that I cannot escape these laundry catastrophes. They’ve won. I won’t fight them anymore. Might as well only ruin one shirt as opposed to several.


What’s your worst stain story?

5 thoughts on “I Spent the Day in a Poop-Stained Shirt”

  1. A little poop never hurt no one. It’s not really a stain story, but it’s pretty gross: we took Nina to the carnival a couple years ago when she was supposed to be potty trained. She was having so much fun that she forgot to tell me she needed to go potty until we got half-way up one of those fun house type structures and peed in her pants at the top of the slide. There were kids behind us so we couldn’t turn back, so I said go down the slide, and then unthinking I proceeded to go down after her thus getting my own bottom wet with fresh pee. And it was one of those blow-up slides- yuck! Next time I’m going down first!!

  2. Oh Denita’s story is hilarious!! Mine isn’t a stain story either – it’s more of a warning. My little girl also had some real force behind her poop. And let me forewarn you: if she isn’t done pooping when you change the diaper, and you don’t cover her bum while you are holding her legs up, it is totally possible for that poop to shoot up to about 8 feet. Not kidding. All over the wall. While the doorbell was ringing. And I was screaming in shock…

  3. Oh, the things I’m looking forward to experiencing again! Haley blew out once while in the Bjorn at Home Depot and I had no supplies of any kind with me (1/2 hour trip – what are the odds, right?). Another time was at the end of our 2-day drive from Seattle to Disneyland when she was 6 weeks old, during rush-hour traffic through East L.A. I reached back and felt something gooey on her legs…looked back and it was *everywhere*. It was fun scrubbing our her car seat in the hotel bathtub. 🙂 Keep us posted on the laundry adventures!

  4. Jeanne, I love this story! It sounds a lot like my last 7 years! If anyone ever wonders why I’m usually in a plain t-shirt and old jeans, this is exactly why! I threw in the towel so long ago, I often wonder what I’ll do when I can get through a day with a clean shirt. :0) Maddie is such a doll. A little poop is worth that cute little smile.

  5. Oh! Jeannie, your story was soooo funny(only because yes, I’ve been there..remember Mother’s day?). It made me think back to the days of breastfeeding. I was a constant leaker. I would even have dreams that I would look down and there would be two huge wet spots on my shirt. Between that and the spit up I gave up too. I smelled like sour milk for a year!

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