Without My Dear Colin…


I would never make it. Honestly. I could never enjoy parenthood as much as I do without his steady and calm influence. That and his ability to find the humor in any aggravating situation. He is my rock. My stability. My constant source of sanity and peace. He is an absolutely incredible father, husband, friend. I adore him. And so do our babies. To see how playful, yet tender, he is with them brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

I can’t believe all the wonderful things you are. My sweet laundry doer. Bathtub scrubber. 3AM baby feeder. Financial management partner. Paper airplane & Lego & train track builder. Motivator. Inventor & creator. Chocolate chip cookie maker. Fun-loving jester. Monetary provider. Get the kids ready in the morning every day all by yourself-er. Faithful Priesthood holder.

Colin, I love you. Forever and ever I am grateful for you.

One thought on “Without My Dear Colin…”

  1. You make such a great team. Some couples make you think, “How’d he get so lucky?” or “How’d she get so lucky?” In this case, both! Very lucky!

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