Hom Datchu


My dad, in Zuni.

Every Father’s Day, I get a little tender thinking about my soft-hearted, teddy bear of a dad. My dad who loves popcorn, and charbroiling feasts for our family, and cleaning up garbage from the local river. He has an incurable sweet tooth and a penchant for walnuts, cracked fresh from their shells. He has worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known and wakes up before dawn most every day. I’ve always been a “daddy’s girl” and I guess I always will be.

I think every good quality that I possess in interacting with people comes from my congenial dad. He really knows how to connect with others. His easy laugh and warm personality win him friends everywhere he goes. I absolutely love accompanying him to a local diner or to the grocery store because he seems to know everyone there.

My father has also taught me about heritage, and family, and sticking together no matter what. I’ve come to understand, through his example, how to love unconditionally and how to forgive when not forgiving seems completely justified.

I love you, Dad-type-dad. Father’s Day always gives me a chance to remember the days when I’d sit on your lap to watch “sootball” with you and the whole world felt safe.

2 thoughts on “Hom Datchu”

  1. What a sweet, touching tribute. I can tell just by looking at him that he’s a huggable, loveable man. A lucky daddy’s girl you are!

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