Today was a “fail” for me since I:

  • Ate 50 Cheez-Its in about 2 minutes
  • Considered the protein benefits of using Weevil-infested flour that I discovered while attempting to make pizza dough for dinner
  • Told my 6-month-old daughter that I was mad at her for not sleeping during nap time
  • Checked my email more than 3 times during the day after making a goal to abstain while the kids were awake
  • Wondered if the vibrations felt while driving on the freeway jiggled my love handles enough to be considered a work-out

But the ever popular “Fail Blog” reminds me that I’m not alone.


Anyone else wanna come clean?

3 thoughts on “Fail”

  1. Yes. (1) My girls and I are secretly jealous of Maddie’s wardrobe. Also, (2) it took me until 9:00 to wish you a Happy Birthday! Ah. Coming clean is so theraputic!

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