I’m Addicted to Cheez-Its


There. I’ve admitted it. I can’t believe it’s true but I am unable to stop eating Cheez-Its. Pathetic.

This shocks me considering all throughout my childhood, I avoided fake cheese-based products like the plague. They made me pretty sick, actually. Cheez-It crackers, Goldfish, the cheese bread from Sizzler… all of them made me gag just a little.

But tastes change, I suppose, because one day (it was a 4th of July, to be exact) some years ago, my friend Christy brought a box of these little suckers with her to the firework festivities at our “golden” spot under the I-5 bridge in the U-District. From that day forward I have loved them–a little too much it seems.

Warren caught me shoveling them into my mouth as I hid in the pantry (lest he see me devouring his supposed snack without him) and asked what I was doing. I confessed that I couldn’t stop eating them. Intervention was needed. He heartily agreed to stop me if he saw me. He is now my official Cheez-It police. Weaning, of course, is a work in progress…


What goodies are you sneaking in the pantry?

9 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to Cheez-Its”

  1. Oh my goodness, I hide in the pantry too and eat snacks I’m not willing to share with my kids.

    I may never need therapy, as long as I keep making confessions on your blog.

  2. I am dying!! Is that me Christy that brought the Cheez-Its? That is so funny, I totally don’t remember that. But I do love Cheez-Its! And the old Staffing Manager at work used to bring a whole box of Cheez-Its for each person in Staffing every time we hit a goal (every couple of months or so) and now she has been replaced, and I realized lately I really don’t like that because I MISS THE CHEEZ-ITS!! I love love love the thought of you hiding in the pantry to eat them :). I seriously have not stopped laughing yet…

  3. chocolate. Although Camille doesn’t like chocolate, but she’ll still snitch on me to Grace if she sees me.

  4. i do not know you, i come from google. but i am currently forearm deep in a semi new box of cheez its. im about to crush this box, I just wanted you to know that there are more of us out there. god speed

  5. I’ve come from google as well. Searching to find anyone else with this addiction!
    once i found the different flavors, there was no stopping me. i am hooked! cheez-its at all times of day!

  6. Also Googled. I bought a two-in-one box of Cheezits earlier this weeks and it’s almost gone already. Makes a person sad.

  7. I have an empty bag or box in every corner of the house and our truck. I have to devour two bags or a box daily without any hesitation. I love them and they’re like the death of me…LOL!

  8. Cheez-its are my new food addiction. Actually I am in the process of fighting the urge to purchase Cheez-its and chocolate milk instead of Cracklin oat bran and skim milk.
    Wish me luck!

    Marching Munching Cadence GO
    “Cheez-its Cheez-its
    Drop them down,
    Don’t you dare
    Chow you hound,
    Burn than fat straight from that ass
    Keep on walking, make it last.

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