Our 7 Month-er

The Maddie update is as follows:

  • Cutting 2 teeth on the bottom
  • Starting to sit up without falling over
  • Growing her hair out enough to make small pig tails
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Eating solids, favorites being green beans, avocado + banana (as a combo), dislikes being applesauce and banana, straight up
  • Growing well, overall, with no recent health concerns (knock on wood)
  • Allowing only our immediate family to hold her, with a select few lucky enough to get a short chance
  • Bringing us more happiness than we could have imagined

4 thoughts on “Our 7 Month-er”

  1. This melts my heart. Two teeth? I love it! This month is a BIG month for you guys and the adoption process, isn’t it? I am anxious to hear how all goes…and in the mean time, I will pray my heart out!

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